因为特别喜欢@一颗予 @眠狼 的那个长图,所以尝试着翻译了一下,最后附的一句是自己临时兴起加的
I swear in the name of the gods.
I will defend the loyalty,glory and you.
I used to describe your outline among the crowd,watch your raise and fall.
I think of you.
So I followed your way.
Without the helmet,armor,poncho or spur.
You touched my shoulder to warn me.
Became the faith and courage of my life.
I don't wanna go,Sir.
I'm afraid of that I can't get the best sandwiches in Queens.
I'm afraid of that I can't see those high buildings rise from the level ground.
I'm afraid of that I can't smell the fragrance of flowers.
I'm afraid of that auntie May will cry for me.
I'm afraid of gaining and losing,gathering and parting.
We haven't completed a hug earnestly.
I'm afraid of that I can't reached you even if I already try my best.
I will fight for you till the last second,Mr Stark,even if you look a mess.
You will know it.
I will let you know that.
Now you know know it.

Ps:Just like your name , you are my star.